2.PAK - AI language with coroutines. "The 2.PAK Language: Goals and Description", L.F. Melli, Proc IJCAI 1975.

20-GATE - Carnegie, ca 1965. Algebraic language for the G-20.

3-LISP - Brian Smith. A procedurally reflective dialect of LISP which uses an infinite tower of interpreters. "The Implementation of Procedurally Reflective Languages", J. des Rivi et al, ACM J Lisp and Functional Programming, pp.331-347 (1984).

473L Query - English-like query language for Air Force 473L system. Sammet 1969, p.665. "Headquarters USAF Command and Control System Query Language", Info Sys Sci, Proc 2nd Congress, Spartan Books 1965, pp.57-76.

9PAC - 709 PACkage. 1959. Report generator for IBM 7090. Sammet 1969, p.314. "IBM 7090 Prog Sys, SHARE 7090 9PAC Part I: Intro and Gen Princs", IBM J28-6166, White Plains, 1961.

*LISP - ("StarLISP") Cliff Lasser, Jeff Mincy, J.P. Massar, Thinking Machines Corp. A data-parallel extension of Common LISP for the Connection Machine, uses 'pvars'. "The Essential *LISP Manual", TM Corp 1986. ftp://think.com/public/cm/starlisp/* info: customer-support@think.com documentation-order@think.com

*MOD - ("StarMOD") Concurrent language combining the modules of Modula and the communications of Distributed Processes. "*MOD - A Language for Distributed Programming", R.P. Cook, IEEE Trans Soft Eng SE-6(6):563-571 (Nov 1980).


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