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Play Mah jong Free Featuring 120 Layouts, 24 Tile Sets, 36 Backgrounds and 15 relaxing songs.
3 styles of play: FINESSE (Clear tiles using tools), AGILITY (Race against the clock), WISDOM (Create words).
Profile Screen showing 10 player statistics along with a color graph displaying all ranks achieved in all Layouts.

As part of play mah jong free there are large and beautiful Tile Sets that can be played. Including
Classic, Marine Life, Nature, Flags, Astrology, Space, Egyptian, Meso Deco, Asia, Warning Signs, Traffic Signs,
Medieval Fantasy, Communication, Buildings, Bugs, Music, Tools, Chinese Zodiac, Africa, Colors, Food & More!!

With play mah jong free you can play Layouts from 144 tiles to 288 tiles in size. Lots of variations.
Other features include Hint, Mix, Undo, Pair and Peek depending on the game style your playing. Challenging!!!





Main Screen

Layouts Screen

Profile Screen

Options Screen


Play Mah jong Free Main Page for more detailed game information...                        ...Or Just Download It

Free play mah jong with three styles of game play. Play mah jongg by using the download link above. Play free
mah jong using a beautiful tile set and intriguing Layout. Relaxing to play and easy to see Tiles as they're very
large and clear. Play mah jong solitare and then check your stats under the Profile area of the "Dragons" game
Play mah jong game in either the Finesse, Agility, or Wisdom, (clear Tiles by creating words) game

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