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Free Mahjong Games: Dragons Mahjong 8.0

If you like games such as Chess, Risk and Settlers of Cattan you will love Mahjong. It is a game of strategy, luck
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Featuring 360 Layouts, 72 Tile Sets, 72 Backgrounds and 30 relaxing songs. 3 different mah jong variations
including 'Finesse' (bonus tools), 'Agility' (race against clock), and 'Wisdom' (clear tiles by creating words).

Free Mahjong Games This Dragons game includes Mix, Undo, Pair, & Peek features. Display 10 Statistics
along with graph showing all player ranks. The 360 mah jong game layouts range from
72 to 288 tiles in size.







Main Screen

Layouts Screen

Profile Screen

Options Screen

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