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Mah jong download Featuring 120 Layouts, 24 Tile Sets, 36 Backgrounds & 15 relaxing songs.  Also has
3 unique game styles including "Finesse" (bonus tools), "Agility" (clock used) and "Wisdom" (create words)

Mah jong Solitaire game of "Dragons" also includes Mix, Undo, Pair & Peek features. Also has 10 Statistics
along with graph showing all player ranks. Layouts range from 72 tiles to 288 tiles in size. Many variations





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Layouts Screen

Profile Screen

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Welcome to my home page!! The main purpose of this site is to make available software products I have
developed for the PC. These can be found under the "Products" option. Here you will find download links,
screen shots, along with the ability to order products on-line. I hope you drop in often to check out new
developments and web site features. You can also download the very popular puzzle game of "Dragons"!!


Games, Games, Games...I just can't get enough (except for "Pong"...I've had enough :) It has become a
very large and serious industry. The Shareware concept helps customers cut through some of the hype,
and flashy boxes of promise providing customers with a fair purchasing choice. It's great to see some of
the larger publishers marketing this way. The Internet seems to be the purchasing choice of the future!!

It's amazing how even some of the older text based games are still being played today. Game play is the
key. Without getting too technical, the only thing important is whether it is fun or not. The CD-ROM has
moved many companies towards dumping tons of graphics in to a game, while leaving out the thing that
keeps players coming back for more, game play! It has to be simply fun to play. Try my game of Dragons

I hope to provide many more titles in the future which I hope you'll enjoy. Puzzle/logic type games seem
to be popular with a lot of people.  These are especially good when all you want to do is play something
without reading through lengthy manuals. I hope to complete a few real-time strategy games involving a
lot more game elements. I may also be making a new version of the game called 'Dungeon Rogue' as well.


Born August 16, 1965...Oh my I'm feeling old :) I spent a lot of my younger years with sports mainly with
soccer and track. Things were going really well for me until these things came along. Then out came the
ideas along with the twinkies. Games are something I've always worked on before computers came along
so you can imagine once they arrived. With the graphics and power of computers today, I'm in heaven!!!

Back in the early 80's my first machine was a TRS-80 with 16k of system memory. Those days we mostly
typed games in from a book and then saved them to cassette tape. With this procedure you couldnt help
but get involved with programming. I'm not sure what I did the 15 years following, but I'm sure glad I am
back working on my real passion...Games! You can see some of my past work history on my resume page

My biggest thanks goes to all my customers and comments which I have received. It keeps me anchored
and in-line with the work I'm doing. I am always just an Email away for any questions, comments, or any
suggestions you may have. I hope you have many long nights playing my games to the point of addiction
:) Many more games are still to come! For any comments or suggestions just Email me at


On August 14th 2003 (The Blackout) I decided to take a walk down the street to see how far this power
outage has reached. I quicky realized after speaking with some people just how big it was. As I stood at
one of the main intersections of my city watching some of the chaos unfold and people pouring onto the
streets, I met an 83 year old freelance writer and we began to talk about the blackout and general things.
He wrote a poem which he has asked me to post on the internet and share with the world so here it is...

Do the best with what you've got
Of life's travail you have a lot
You have no dollars, dimes, nor pence
Its only a matter of consequence

So, no self-pity, or feign of sorrow
Take a good hard look at each tomorrow
The time is now, to work, to strive

Copyright © 2003 Michael L'Abbe Aylwin

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