Download Mah jongg Free

Mah jongg download Featuring 360 Layouts, 72 Tile Sets, 72 Backgrounds & 30 relaxing songs. Also has
3 unique game styles including "Finesse" (bonus tools), "Agility" (clock used) and "Wisdom" (create words)

Mah jongg Solitaire game of Dragons also includes Mix, Undo, Pair & Peek features.  Also has 10 Statistics
along with graph showing all player ranks. Layouts range from 72 tiles to 288 tiles in size. Many variations.
This fun game beats the games in Vegas hotels because it can be played anywhere you computer can go.
So you can even play it in the hotels, in a plane traveling, at the store, or anywhere you need to be freed
from boredum. It keeps you playing an entertained for hours, leaving the boredum for some one else.





Main Screen

Layouts Screen

Profile Screen

Options Screen

(The following are links to the real 4 player chinese game)

Hong Kong Mah jongg

The authentic Chinese mahjongg game. Many features & also a free demo to play

Mah jongg News

A well organized and quality site about all aspects & news about mah jongg game

Nan's Mah jongg

Mah jongg sites, along with some detailed information on the game of 'mah jongg'

New York Finding's

Interesting Mah jongg related items, including links, and board games to purchase

Lechinois site

You can play an on-line type mah jongg (browser based system), by visiting here

Mind Games Here you can buy some nice mah jongg board game sets of the real chinese game

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