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UAN - User Action Notation. VPI. A notation for representation of graphical user interfaces, e.g. mice and icons, H. Hartson et al, ACM Trans on Info Sys, July 1990.

UBASIC - Y. Kida <>. Extension of BASIC oriented for symbolic math and number theory. Includes bignums, fractions, complex numbers and polynomials, integer factorization. Version for MS-DOS, written in assembly language. Reviewed by W.D. Neumann, Notices of AMS (Mar 1991). //

uC++ - Micro-C++. U Waterloo. A concurrent extension of C++ with coroutines and mutual exclusion. Soft Prac & Exp (Feb 1992). Version 3.7 for Unix using GCC.

UCSD Pascal - see Pascal-P.

U-Code - Universal Pascal Code. Intermediate language, a generalization of P-code for easier optimization. Developed originally for the Los Alamos Cray-1 and the Lawrence Livermore S-1. A refined version currently used by MIPS compilers is descended from one at Stanford U. "Machine Independent Pascal Code Optimization", D.R. Perkins et al, SIGPLAN Notices 14(8): 201- 201 (1979). "A Transporter's Guide to the Stanford U-Code Compiler System", P. Nye et al, TR CSL Stanford U, June 1983. (See HPcode).

UDL/I - Unified Design Language for Integrated circuits. 1991. A hardware description language for VLSI design. "UDL/I Language Reference Manual", UDL/I Committee, Japan Elec Indus Devel Assoc, Sep 1993. Version 2.0.3.*

UHELP - Linear programming. "UHELP User's Manual", D. Singh, Indus Eng Dept, U Houston (Oct 1969).

UGLIAC - Early system on Datatron 200 series. Listed in CACM 2(5):16 (May 1959).

UHELP - Mathematical language, listed [?] 1976.

UIL - User Interface Language? Distributed with Motif.

ULP - Small structured language for use in microprocessors. "User's Guide to the ULP Language for the PDP-11", CS TR 536, U Maryland (May 1977).

uML - Micro ML. An interpreter for a subset of SML that runs on MS-DOS.

UNBASIC - Eric S. Raymond, 1981-1982. An extension to IBM BASIC, adding Pascal-like procedures and control constructs. Implemented as a preprocessor to IBM ROM Basic. DIstributed by MicroCorp Inc. Became obsolete when the Microsoft BASIC compiler for the IBM PC was released -- but for a few months it was the only IBM-PC language to support procedures.

UNCOL - UNiversal Computer Oriented Language. A universal intermediate language, discussed but never implemented. "A First Version of UNCOL", T.B. Steel, Proc JCC 19:371-378 (Winter 1961). Sammet 1969, p.708.

UNICODE - Pre-FORTRAN on the IBM 1103, similar to MATH-MATIC. Sammet 1969, p.137.

UNIFORM - An intermediate language developed for reverse engineering both COBOL and FORTRAN. "The REDO Compendium", H. van Zuylen ed, Wiley 1993.

UNIQUE - A portable job control language, used. "The UNIQUE Command Language - Portable Job Control", I.A. Newman, Proc DATAFAIR 73, 1973, pp.353-357.

UNISAP - Early system on UNIVAC I or II. Listed in CACM 2(5):16 (May 1959).

UNITY - A high-level parallel language. "Parallel Program Design", K.M. Chandry and Misra, A-W 1988. a translator into MPL.

Uranus - Hideyuki Nakashima <>, 1993. A logic-based knowledge representation language. An extension of Prolog written in Common Lisp, with Lisp-like syntax. Extends Prolog with a multiple world mechanism, plus term descriptions to provide functional programming.

USE - Early system on IBM 1103 or 1103A. Listed in CACM 2(5):16 (May 1959).


1. Query language, close to natural English.

2. User System Language. Bellcore, "Operations Technology Generic Requirements: User System Interface", TR-825.

USSA - B. Burshteyn, Pyramid, 1992. Object-oriented state language. doc:

utility-coder - Data manipulation and report generation. "User's Manual for utility-coder", Cambridge Computer Assoc (Jul 1977).

UTOPIST - E. Tyugu, Acad Sci Estonia, Tallinn, early 1980's. Specification language for attribute grammars. "Synthesis of a Semantic Processor from an Attribute Grammar", Prog and Comp Soft, 9(1):29-39 (Jan 1983).