Programming Languages - V

Sample Program

V - Wide-spectrum language used in the knowledge-based environment CHI. "Research on Knowledge-Based Software Environments at Kestrel Inst", D.R. Smith et al, IEEE Trans Soft Eng SE-11(11):1278-1295 (1985).


1. Value-oriented Algorithmic Language. J.B. Dennis, MIT 1979. Single assignment language, designed for MIT dataflow machine. Based on CLU, has iteration and error handling, lacking in recursion and I/O. "A Value- Oriented Algorithmic Language", W.B. Ackermann et al, MIT LCS TR-218, June 1979. "The VAL Language: Description and Analysis", J.R. McGraw, TOPLAS 4(1):44-82 (Jan 1982).

2. Variable Assembly Language. Unimation. Language for industrial robots. Version: VAL II - "VAL II: A New Robot Control System for Automatic Manufacturing", B.E. Shimano et al, Proc IEEE Intl Conf on Robotics 1984, pp.278-292.

3. VHDL Annotation Language. Stanford. source in Ada available from Larry M. Augustin <>

Valid - Dataflow language. "A List-Processing-Oriented Data Flow Machine Architecture", Makoto Amamiya et al, AFIPS NCC, June 1982, pp.143-151.


1. Intermediate language used in the compilation of NESL. "Implementation of a Portable Nested Data-Parallel Language", Guy Blelloch et al, in Fourth ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Princ and Practice of Parallel Programming, ACM, 1993.

2. Intermediate language used in the compilation of C+@.

VDM++ - Object-oriented extension of VDM-SL. "Object-Oriented Specification in VDM++", in Object Oriented Specification Case Studies, K. Lano et al eds, P-H 1993.

VDM-SL - Vienna Development Method Specification Language. (Also known as Meta-IV.) Model-oriented specification language, upon which the Vienna Development Method is based. "The Vienna Development Method: The Meta- Language", D. Bjorner et al eds, LNCS 61, Springer 1978. "The VDM-SL Reference Guide", J. Dawes, Pitman 1991. "Systematic Software Development Using VDM", C.B. Jones, P-H 1989. ISO draft Apr 1993. Version: BSI/VDM. info:

Vector C - CMU? Variant of C similar to ACTUS.

VECTRAN - FORTRAN with array extensions. "The VECTRAN Language: An Experimental Language for Vector/Matrix Array Processing, Report G320- 3334, IBM (Aug 1975).

Verdi - (named for the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)) Provable systems language. Descendant of Ottawa Euclid.

VEL - See LISP70.

Verilog - Phil Moorby, Gateway Design Information, 1983. A hardware description language. "The Verilog Hardware Description Language", Donald E. Thomas & Philip Moorby, Kluwer 1991. Available from Cadence Design Systems, (408)943-1234, info:

VGQF - Query language. [?]

VHDL - VHSIC Hardware Description Language. (VHSIC = Very High Speed Integrated Circuit) A large language with Ada-like syntax. The DoD standard for hardware description. "VHSIC Hardware Description Language", M.R. Shahdad et al, IEEE Computer 18(2):94-103 (Feb 1985). IEEE Std 1076 (1987). Version: VHDL92.

Vienna Definition Language - IBM Vienna Labs. A language for formal definition via operational semantics. Used to specify the semantics of PL/I. "The Vienna Definition Language", P. Wegner, ACM Comp Surveys 4(1):5-63 (Mar 1972).

Vienna Fortran - Hans Zima <>, U Vienna. Data- parallel extension of Fortran 77 for distributed memory multiprocessors. "Programming In Vienna Fortran", B. Chapman et al, Scientific Programming 1(1):31-50 (Aug 1992).

Views - A Smalltalk extension for computer algebra. "An Object Oriented Approach to Algebra System Design", K. Abdali et al, in Symp Symb Alg Manip, ACM 1986, pp.24-30.

VIF - VHDL Interface Format. Intermediate language used by the Vantage VHDL compiler. "A VHDL Compiler Based on Attribute Grammar Methodology", R. Farrow et al, SIGPLAN NOtices 24(7):120-130 (Jul 1989).

Viron - "Five Paradigm Shifts in Programming Language Design and Their Realization in Viron, a Dataflow Programming Environment", V. Pratt, 10th POPL, ACM 1983, pp.1-9.

VITAL - Semantics language using FSL. Mondshein, 1967. Sammet 1969, p.641.

VIVID - Numerical constraint-oriented language. "VIVID: The Kernel of a Knowledge Representation Environment Based on the Constraints Paradigm of Computation", J. Maleki, Proc 20th Annual Hawaii Intl Conf on System Sciences (Jan 1987) pp.591-597.

viz - Visual language for specification and programming. "viz: A Visual Language Based on Functions", C.M. Holt, 1990 IEEE Workshop on Visual Langs, Oct 1990, pp.221-226.

Vlisp - Patrick Greussay <> ca 1973. A Lisp dialect with a fast interpreter to a portable virtual machine. Introduced the "chronology", a dynamic enviroment for implementing interrupts. Led to Le_Lisp. (See ObjVlisp). "Contribution a la Definition Interpretive et a l'Implementation des Lambda-Langages", P. Greussay, These d'Etat, U Paris VI, Nov 1977.

VML - VODAK Model Language. Language for extensible object-oriented database. "Object-Oriented Modeling for Hypermedia Systems Using the Object-Oriented VODAK Model Language (VML)" Wolfgang Klas et al, in Object- Oriented Database Management Systems, NATO ASI Series, Springer 1993. info:

VMPL - A microprogramming language with PL/I-like syntax, for an abstract micromachinee. The program is first translated into intermediate language, then compiled into the target microcode. "Design Objectives for High Level Microprogramming Languages", K. Malik et al, Proc 11th Ann Workshop Microprogramming (MICRO-11), 1978, pp.154-160.

VPL - Dataflow language for interactive image processing. "VPL: An Active, Declarative Visual Programming System, D. Lau-Kee et al, 1991 IEEE Workshop on Vis Langs, Oct 1991, pp.40-46.

VSP - Very Simple Prolog+. [?]


1. Wayne Ratliff ca. 1980. CP/M port of JPLDIS which evolved into dBASE II.

2. The dBASE-like interpreter and compiler sold by RSPI with their Emerald Bay product. [same as 1?]

3. Early string manipulation language. "VULCAN - A String Handling Language with Dynamic Storage Control", E.P. Storm et al, Proc FJCC 37, AFIPS (Fall 1970).

4. Kahn et al, Xerox PARC. Concurrent object orientation and logic programming. An object-oriented preprocessor for FCP. "Vulcan: Logical Concurrent Objects", K. Kahn et al in Research Directions in Object- Oriented Programming, A.B. Shriver et al eds, MIT Press 1987.