Programming Languages - W

Sample Program

WAFL - WArwick Functional Language. Warwick U, England. LISP-like.

WAM - Intermediate language for compiled Prolog, used by the Warren Abstract Machine. "An Abstract Prolog Instruction Set", D.H.D. Warren, TR 309, SRI 1983.


WATFIV - WATerloo Fortran IV. U Waterloo, Canada. Student-friendly variant of FORTRAN IV.

WATFOR - WATerloo FORtran. U Waterloo, Canada. Student-friendly variant of FORTRAN. "WATFOR - The University of Waterloo FORTRAN IV Compiler", P.W. Shantz et al, CACM 10(1):41-44 (Jan 1967).

WAVE - Robotics language. "WAVE: A Model-Based Language for Manipulator Control", R.P. Paul, Ind Robot 4(1):10-17 (1979).

WEB - Knuth's self-documenting brand of programming, with algorithms and documentation intermixed in one file. They can be separated using Weave and Tangle. Versions exist for Pascal, C etc. Spiderweb can be used to create versions for other languages (ftp "Literate Programming", D.E. Knuth, Computer J 27(2):97-111 (May 1984).

WFL - Work Flow Language. Burroughs, ca 1973. A job control language for the B6700/B7700 under MCP. WFL was a compiled block-structured language similar to ALGOL-60, with subroutines and nested begin-end's. "Work Flow Management User's Guide", Burroughs Manual 5000714 (1973). "Burroughs B6700/B7700 Work Flow Language", R.M. Cowan in Command Languages, C. Unger ed, N-H 1975.

Wisp - "An Experiment with a Self-Compiling Compiler for a Simple List- Processing Language", M.V. Wilkes, Ann Rev Automatic Programming 4:1-48 (1964).

Wizard - Lehigh U, ca 1975. [?]

Woodenman - HOLWG, DoD, 1975. Second of the series of DoD requirements that led to Ada. "Woodenman Set of Criteria and Needed Characteristics for a Common DoD High Order Programming Language", David A. Fisher, Inst for Def Anal Working Paper, Aug 1975. (See Strawman, Tinman, Ironman, Steelman).

WOOL - Window Object Oriented Language. Colas Nahaboo <> Small Common Lisp-like extension language. Claims to be the fastest interpreted language in C with run-time types. Version 1 used by the GWM window manager. Version 2 has an object system.*

WPL+ - Word-oriented language internal to PRODOS Applewriter 2.1. Available on GEnie.

WPOP - WonderPop. Robert Rae <>, Edinburgh 1976. An implementation of POP for the PDP-10 that used cages for different data types. Introduced processes, properties, and some typed identifiers.

WRITEACOURSE - CAI language, for IBM 360. "WRITEACOURSE: An Educational Programming Language", E. Hunt et al, Proc FJCC 33(2) (1968).

WSFN - Which Stands For Nothing. Atari 1983. Beginner's language with emphasis on graphics, for Atari home computers. Version: Advanced WSFN.

WSL - Waterloo Systems Language. A C-like systems programming language. "Waterloo Systems Language: Tutorial and Language Reference", F.D. Boswell, WATFAC Publications Ltd, Waterloo, Canada. ISBN 0-919884-00-8.