Programming Languages - X

Sample Program

X-1 - Early system on UNIVAC I or II. Listed in CACM 2(5):16 (May 1959).

Xbase - Generic term for the dBASE family of languages. Coined in response to threatened litigation over use of the trademark "dBASE."

XBASIC - eXtended BASIC. 1972. An extension of BASIC, including matrix operations and Algol-like procedures. For the Univac 1108.

XC - Declarative extension of C++. "XC - A Language for Embedded Rule Based Systems", E. Nuutila et al, SIGPLAN Notices 22(9):23-32 (Sep 1987).

XDL - An object-oriented extension to CCITT's SDL[2]. "XDL: An Object- Oriented Extension to SDL", S.J. Ochuodho et al in [?]

Xfun - S. Dalmas <>, INRIA, 1991. A cross between SML and Russell, intended for computer algebra. "A Polymorphic Functional language Applied to Symbolic Computation", S. Dalmas, Proc Intl Symp Symb Alg Comp, Berkeley 1992.

Xi - VLSI design language. "The Circuit Design Language Xi", S.I. Feldman, unpublished memo, Bell Labs, 1982. Mentioned in Computational Aspects of VLSI, J.D. Ullman, CS Press 1984.

XICS - Xerox. Page description language.

XL - A tuple language used as the intermediate form in the code generator generator XGEN. "A Knowledge Based Code Generator Generator", Proc Symp AI and Prog Lang, Aug 1977, pp.126-129.

XLISP - eXperimental LISP. David Betz <>. LISP variant with object-oriented extensions, portable source in C. BYTE article. Version 2.0. Version 2.1 by Tom Almy <> is closer to Common Lisp.* //

XLISP-PLUS - An extension of XLISP used in the WINTERP OSF/Motif Widget interpreter.*

XNF - Hardware description language?

XPC - eXplicitly Parallel C. Dialect of Parallel C which is mode independent, i.e. efficiently compilable to both SIMD and MIMD architectures. "Toward Semantic Self-Consistency in Explicitly Parallel Languages," M.J. Phillip & H.G. Dietz, Proc 4th Intl Conf on Supercomputing, Santa Clara, CA, May 1989, v.1, pp.398-407. Research implementations only.

XPL - Stanford, 1967-69. Small dialect of PL/I used for compiler writing. One-dimensional arrays. I/O achieved with character pseudo-variable INPUT and OUTPUT, e.g. OUTPUT = 'This is a line'; Inline machine code. "Programmers are given all the rope they ask for. Novices tend to hang themselves fairly frequently." Implemented on IBM 360, Univac 1100, ICL System 4, CDC6000 and Cyber series, XDS Sigma-5 and Sigma-7, and DEC PDP- 10. "A Compiler Generator," W.M. McKeeman et al, P-H 1970. Also JCC, AFIPS 1968.

XPOP - Extensible macro assembly language with user-redefinable grammar, for use with FAP. "XPOP: A Meta-language Without Metaphysics", M.I. Halpern, Proc FJCC 25:57-68, AFIPS (Fall 1964).

XScheme - David Betz. Scheme with object-oriented extensions. Source in C. Versions for PC, Macintosh, Atari, Amiga. comp.sources.amiga/volume90, version 0.28 for Amiga

XTRAN - FORTRAN-like, interactive. [?]