Programming Languages - Y

Sample Program

Y - General purpose language syntactically like RATFOR, semantically like C. Lacks structures and pointers. Used as a source language for the Davidson/Fraser peephole optimizer. "The Y Programming Language", D.R. Hanson, SIGPLAN Notices 16(2):59-68 (Feb 1981).

Yaa - Yet Another Assembler - Macro assembler for GCOS 8 and Mark III on Bull DPS-8 machines. Available from Bull as part of U Waterloo Tools package (maintained by <>).

yacc - Yet Another Compiler Compiler. Language used by the Yacc LALR parser generator. "YACC - Yet Another Compiler Compiler", S.C. Johnson, CS TR 32, Bell Labs (Jul 1975). Implementations: ayacc - UC Irvine. written in Ada, produces Ada output Bison - from GNU Bison++ - produces C++ output. perl-byacc - produces perl output SASL-yacc - "Yacc in SASL - An Exercise in Functional Programming", Simon Peyton-Jones, Software Prac & Exp 15:807-820 (1985). Mentions also a BCPL implementation. yacc++ - 1990. An object-oriented rewrite of yacc, supports regular exp- ressions, produces an LR(1) parser. "YACC Meets C++", S.C. Johnson, USENIX Spring '88 Conf. Chris Clark, Compiler Resources Inc, Barbara Zino <> (508) 435-5016. MLYACC - Implementation and output in SML/NJ

YALLL - Yet Another Low Level Language. Patterson et al, UC Berkeley, 1979. A microprogramming language resembling conventional assembly language. "Towards an Efficient Machine-Independent Language or Microprogramming", D.A. Patterson et al, Proc 12th Ann Workshop Microprogramming (MICRO-12), 1979, pp.22-35

YAPS - Yet Another Production System? College Park Software. Commercial production rule language, simpler than OPS5. Allows knowledge bases to be attached to instances of CLOS objects. info: Liz Allen <>

YASOS - Yet Another Scheme Object System. info: Ken Dickey <>

Yay - Yet Another Yacc - An extension of Yacc with LALR(2) parsing. Available from Bull as part of U Waterloo Tools package (maintained by <>).

Yellow - SRI. A language proposed to meet the Ironman requirements which led to Ada. "On the YELLOW Language Submitted to the DoD", E.W. Dijkstra, SIGPLAN Notices 13(10):22-26 (Oct 1978).

Yerk - (named for Yerkes Observatory) A public domain reincarnation of Neon. info: Bob Lowenstein <>

YLISP - Hewlett-Packard. A variant of Xlisp for the HP-95LX palmtop.*